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This week, the Oakland, Hayward and Piedmont school districts asked the first qualified students in the Bay Area to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Other school districts may soon follow after California’s Supreme Health Authority said it was considering issuing a statewide power of attorney on Thursday. ..

Dr Mark Garry, Secretary of Health and Welfare for State of California officials, said that since the start of the summer, we have been closely monitoring what local school districts are doing to prevent the spread of the disease. virus caused by highly contagious delta mutants.

“The conversation is certainly taking place within the framework of what we consider to be a nation, but no final action or decision has been taken at this time,” Garry said.

He acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccine also raises concerns among some parents who “get their children fully immunized against the number of diseases that can be prevented by other vaccines.” But in California and the United States, student vaccine obligations are “not a new consideration.”

Schools across the country have decades of tradition in ensuring that students are protected from infectious disease. In California, students must be vaccinated against polio, measles, chickenpox, tetanus, and other illnesses.

“In the past, protecting young children from COVID was guided by vaccinating adults around these young Californians,” Ghaly said. “Soon, as a father of three children under the age of 12, as a pediatrician, I hope to soon be able to vaccinate many students and wrap these school communities in thicker protective blankets. . “

Los Angeles Unified last month became California’s first and largest school district, declaring that students over the age of 12 must be fully immunized to attend the classroom.

Auckland, Hayward and Piedmont school boards approved a similar vaccine requirement on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, several other school districts become the next school districts.

The Berkeley Unified Board of Education discussed such a proposal Wednesday night but did not vote. The West Contra Costa Unified School Board planned to consider delegating the vaccine until the meeting is canceled on Tuesday.

The region’s two largest school districts, San Jose Unified and San Francisco Unified, have not introduced vaccine requirements.

NS Times of Discussion The Auckland School Board meeting on Wednesday reflected a broad statewide debate over whether students would be forced to take COVID-19 injections or lose their place in the classroom.

In a 5-1-1 vote around midnight, the Auckland Board of Education ruled that students over the age of 12 should be vaccinated “unless prohibited by law.” They are currently eligible for the emergency FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine for this age group.

The exception is “Personal Beliefs Exemption” if the student provides a doctor’s note confirming that information about the COVID-19 vaccine has been provided. It is not known what qualifications non-religious beliefs qualify.

Board of Education vice chairman Sam Davis, who requested a vaccination mission, said he hoped to convince those who are reluctant to get vaccinated to talk to healthcare professionals about their concerns. paddy field.

However, Education Council member Mike Hutchinson said he was concerned about approving orders that would prevent many students from attending classes if they were enacted soon.

“I’m afraid half of black and brown students won’t be able to go to school,” Hutchinson said. According to the district, about 34% of African American students and 55% of Latin American students are vaccinated.

Board chair Shanti Gonzalez, who abstained from voting, shared Hutchinson’s feelings.

“My concern is to send a message to their families that they are not welcome and are no longer allowed to come to school,” Gonzales said. Regular access to a doctor or comprehensive health care.

Samanthapar, a school board student and junior at Auckland High School, prefers an approach in which the students she hears educate their families about the benefits of being vaccinated rather than ordering an ‘alienation’ . Noted.

Some parents and other members of the community have expressed their anger at the idea of ​​mandatory vaccines.

“Why do you want to force a vaccine that is still in vaccine testing? Asked a speaker. “The CDC or the FDA, not you, can guarantee the results.”

Others thanked the Board for taking action to protect the health of students and teachers.

“We support adding the COVID vaccine to the list of vaccines already needed at school,” said Dr. Lynne Rosen, a pediatrician working at La Clinica health clinic. “It helps to minimize disruption to school education. “

The district must decide when the delegation should take effect and how it will be applied. Board members have asked director Kyla Johnson-Trammell to return next month with recommendations.

In Piedmont, the Board of Education has decided that all qualified students must receive both Pfizers by November 17. Students under 12 must be fully administered within 8 weeks of qualifying for shooting.

Unvaccinated students will be referred for independent study and will not be admitted to class unless they are vaccinated by a qualified physician. However, these students are required to undergo a weekly COVID-19 test.

Hayward Unified Trustees unanimously approved a policy similar to Piedmont’s, but students don’t need to be fully immunized until December 17.

“It’s a tough choice,” said Gabriel Chaparro, a member of Hayward’s school board, of parents deciding whether their children should be vaccinated. “If someone tells me to do this, no one will tell me what to do, so I’m having a hard time holding my middle finger. “

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other leading medical institutions say the vaccine is safe and effective in reducing the risk of death or suffering from serious respiratory complications and other health complications caused by COVID- 19. to think.

Editors Fiona Keriher and Peter Hegati contributed to this report.

Three Bay Area school districts require vaccines for students. Others to follow? – Times-Herald Source Link Three Bay Area school districts require vaccines for students. Others to follow? – Times-Herald



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