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BATAVIA – Governor Kathy Hochul delivered her first state-of-state speech on Wednesday.

In it, Hochul promised that 2022 would mark a new era for New York. She outlined plans to invest $ 10 billion in health care and its workforce, $ 100 million in tax breaks for small businesses, and other ethics-related measures, to crime and more.

After his speech ended, local officials gave reviews generally positive – but sometimes with reservations – in a series of statements.

“In times of crisis, when we are faced with problems related to our economy, public health and public safety, we cannot continue to rehash the same tired ideas that have proven to be ineffective solutions to many problems. serious problems, ”said MP Steve Hawely, R-Batavia. . “While I appreciate the governor’s rhetoric in favor of small businesses at a time when they and our residents are leaving the state in droves, we should be talking about drastically cutting taxes and relaxing regulations to allow their long-term success. term. Equally important is our need to focus on bringing order to our increasingly dangerous streets after bail reform is passed. “

“Having served as a member of the assembly while Governor Hochul was a congressman for our district, it would be a pleasure to work together to make New York work again for everyday New Yorkers,” he said. he declares. “We must all unite to restore the authority of our local governments and our judges.”

MP Marjorie Byrnes, R-Caledonia, was happy to hear Hochul talk about so many of his priorities in the State of State speech, especially his efforts to promote workforce development and support farmers struggling with the expense of overtime.

“This year’s budget must include appropriate resources for direct care workers and the disability community to protect group homes from closures, jobs are not lost and people with disabilities receive the best possible care by of their loved ones, ”Byrne said. “I was pleased to learn that Governor Hochul shares this concern and wishes to implement a bonus of $ 3,000 for those providing direct care. It’s a good start.”

“Meeting the exponentially growing mental health needs of our state must also be a priority for the governor as we rebuild our state. While we all want to keep children in school and appropriately protected, it is a shocking reality that suicide rates are on the rise. Mental health resources in schools are desperately needed, as well as for veterans and frontline workers who have been battling the pandemic idle for the past two years. This is another area that I will gladly work on with the Governor, and I also hope that she will expand the Joseph P. Dwyer peer counseling program, as part of this effort, to Livingston County in the this year’s budget.

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, R-Elma, said the state of the state is facing a number of critical issues and many challenges faced in rebuilding the state’s economy and restoring the confidence in government.

“I look forward to hearing more about his proposals to rebuild our health care system, invest in education, implement tax cuts and rebates for middle-class families, and support small businesses and communities. firm, ”he said. “We need to know how they will be funded and implemented.

“I’m glad the governor has spoken of expanding broadband to more New Yorkers,” he said. “It is imperative to do this, especially in rural areas. However, we have already heard this promise from the former governor. It is time to make this a reality once and for all. “

Gallivan said on the public safety issue that he was disappointed Hochul had not addressed the bail reform change.

Regarding his promises of “the days of disregarding the legitimate role of the legislature are over,” Gallivan said that if this were true, end government by executive order and restore the system of checks and balances within the government of l ‘State.

“I look forward to hearing more about Governor Hochul’s plans when she releases her budget proposal later this month,” he said. “I encourage him to support policies and programs that will benefit all New Yorkers.”

“Gov. Hochul announced significant investments in agriculture in his first state-of-the-state address, ”said New York Farm Bureau President David Fisher. “Its goals are aligned with what our farmers are looking for, strengthening our local food system, providing financial support for climate-smart practices on farms across the state, and alleviating the burden of rising costs of food. labor that crushes New York agriculture and restricts production. We congratulate her for making agriculture a priority on her agenda.

“Farms in New York City play a vital role in fueling our state, providing good jobs on and off the farm, and supporting local economies. The New York Farm Bureau looks forward to seeing the details of the Governor’s budget proposal and working with her and the state legislature on those goals that will allow agriculture to thrive for the benefit of all of our State.

The SUNY Board of Directors said that Hochul has presented a bold and ambitious plan for SUNY and all who pursue a high quality, affordable and accessible college education.

“By investing in and promoting the unique strengths of our campuses and research institutes; expand tuition assistance programs to those students who need it most; increase enrollment by attracting non-traditional students of all adult age groups and income while streamlining our application process; diversify our faculty; and by providing childcare support for working students, the governor is building a national model of how public higher education should meet the needs of our society and today’s learners. hui, ”they said. “We strongly support and applaud the Governor’s visionary agenda to take our higher education system to new heights – attracting the best and brightest minds to our world-renowned campuses and universities, educating and training our future workers and leaders. , and continue to provide opportunities and access upon which our university system was built decades ago.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy said Hochul offers an upbeat and encouraging message for the year ahead, even as COVID19 continues to wreak havoc on businesses and organizations. communities in the region and beyond.

To revitalize the regional economy, there is a need to reduce taxes and mandates, while encouraging outward investment by enticing businesses and individuals to come to New York; solving the labor shortages facing almost all sectors of our economy; eliminate the bureaucracy and bureaucracy that prevent businesses and local government from succeeding; and promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices that will keep New York City safe and relevant.

“I applaud the proposed middle class property and income tax cuts that will help fight current inflation,” Duffy said. “Expanding access to affordable child care, investing $ 1 billion in small businesses, and providing tax credits to cover COVID-related purchases will help jumpstart our economy and provide respite for the thousands. companies that have experienced difficulties over the past two years.

“By far the most common problem raised by business leaders is access to skilled talent. Upgrading and retraining existing workers, partnering with school districts and higher education institutions to ensure their programs meet current needs, and providing incentives for recruiting and retaining existing workers will prove beneficial to tackle our labor shortages. The Greater Rochester Chamber is proud to be the regional leader in talent strategy and workforce development, and we offer our full support to Governor Hochul’s workforce training efforts. ‘work.

United University Professions

United University Professions President Frederick E. Kowal said Hochul has laid the groundwork to reverse what has been more than a decade of divestment from SUNY and that they welcome the governor’s agenda and look forward to working. with her to break the 11-year model of underfunding for SUNY.

“We also back Governor Hochul’s commitment to health care – including SUNY’s public teaching hospitals – with a pledge to set aside $ 10 billion to support the delivery of high quality health care to all. New Yorker. A portion of these funds will be used for bonuses of $ 3,000 for tired healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic – payments that UUP has requested since the start of the pandemic, ”he said.

Kowal went on to say, “The UUP also applauds the Governor’s plan to expand SUNY’s Pre-Medical Opportunities Program, a pilot program to help students who cannot afford but have the capacity to do so. ” enter and succeed in their education and training in the excellent medical schools of SUNY. It is inspired by the UUP medical educational opportunities program, which UUP has been promoting since 2018. ”


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