Reading Board of Education members resign


Becky ellis

NS Read the school board I am looking for a new member.

Director Becky Ellis Announced on social networks Friday morning, she will resign quickly and effectively.

“I announce my resignation from the Reading School Board with great sadness and affection for the Reading School District and the communities it serves,” she wrote.

Last month, she said Ellis took on the role of accounting manager for SEIU668. SEIU is an international union of service employees. SEIU 668 It represents approximately 20,000 public, social, and social service workers in Pennsylvania.

“I’m passionate about my job and the members I serve, so it’s easy to notice that I’ve been dedicating myself to a new role for a long time,” Ellis writes.

She added that by focusing more on her new job, she would not be able to spend enough time looking for a new school district principal.

Principal Dr Calid N. Moomin announced last month that he had taken on the role of Principal of the Lower Melion School District.

“Because of the importance of finding a new director (although everyone knows Dr Mumin is irreplaceable),” she writes. “I am so sorry that I cannot take the time necessary to participate in the next decision that we must make as a board of trustees for the safety, welfare and education of the students and the community. to augment. “

Reading Board of Education Sadly with tears At the last meeting he accepted Moomin’s resignation. Moomin’s last day is October 8.

Ellis was elected to the school board in 2019. She was in the first semester.

The school board appoints one person for the remainder of Ellis’ term.

Reading Board of Education members resign

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