Parents Gather at the Poway Unified District Office for Virtual Meetings and Critical Race Theory


The district has broadcast live meetings since some board members received death threats. In a statement, the board said that “CRT is not taught in Poway Unified”.

POWAY, Calif .– A group of parents and supporters from the Poway Unified School District are pushing back the board’s decision to revert to virtual board meetings. The district said the meetings would be televised live and written comments from the public would no longer be read aloud after some board members began receiving death threats.

As the Poway School Board held its monthly online meeting on Thursday, some parents shared their disappointment with the district office. They also said they were against teaching their children critical race theory, but the board said the CRT was not part of its curriculum.

“Open the doors. Let the public in,” said Carl DeMaio, who organized the rally and is the president of Reform California.

Dozens of people gathered at the Poway Unified School District on Thursday night due to the board’s decision to keep public board meetings virtual. Superintendent Marian Kim Phelps said board members and their families were receiving death threats and were concerned for their safety. DeMaio questioned their position.

“By going into the media and suggesting that the parents in the Poway Unified School District are somehow a threat. That these parents are kind of violent. I challenge this administrator to produce any justification for this allegation and to smear or immediately resign your post, ”DeMaio said.

The Poway Unified School District said it was working with law enforcement over the threats. Another issue addressed at the rally was the critical theory of running taught to students. Critical Race Theory, according to Reuters, is an approach for studying how race and racism shaped American law and society and is most often taught in law schools.

“The Poway Unified School District teaches critical race theory. They are. Even though they repeatedly deny that they teach it, ”said Frank Xu, president of Californians for Equal Rights.

In response to the rally organized by DeMaio, Superintendent Phelps issued a statement saying:

“We find it unfortunate that Mr. DeMaio does not take the time to learn about K-12 education. CRT is not taught in Poway Unified. Obviously, this is a political stance to increase its ratings on talk shows. – Superintendent Marian Kim Phelps, Poway Unified School District.

Poway’s board of directors passed a resolution in June to create a racial equity and inclusion plan, a plan they say shows the district’s commitment to tackling racism and correcting systemic inequalities . The goal of the plan is also to provide a racially and culturally diverse curriculum. A parent told News 8 the approach was one-sided.

“I challenge someone to tell me that there is a law that promotes systemic racism. If we had systemic racism, I wouldn’t be able to be successful, ”said Tina Barthollomew, parent of PUSD.

The issue of teaching students about race and fairness does not go away, but the board for now says that anyone wishing to speak must submit a request to do so before the board meeting. ‘administration.

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