Lehighton changes meeting structure – Times News Online


Published on January 29, 2022 at 06:30

The Lehighton Area School District is changing its meeting structure in what school board directors hope is an effort to streamline committee discussions and help voting sessions run more smoothly.

Currently, Lehighton has one-on-one committee meetings for topics such as finance, building and grounds, academic affairs, athletics, and more. Only several directors, generally three or four, make up each committee.

On Monday, council chairwoman Joy Beers announced that instead of all committee meetings on different nights, the district would host a council workshop, attended by all directors, on the second Monday of each month.

“It brings the entire board together in one night to receive information and discuss with the public rather than many different meetings throughout the month with just a few board members there,” Beers said. “The workshop takes place two weeks before our regular meeting and we would use this time in between to get more additional information that we need for the items we will be voting on at the end of the month. more effective board meetings.

The structure is similar to how surrounding districts hold their meetings, such as the Palmerton Area School District, which holds a full council workshop on the first Tuesday of the month and a voting meeting on the third Tuesday of the month.

Acting Superintendent Jack Corby said the workshop could also be announced as a ballot meeting if the district had business that needed to be dealt with immediately.

“For example, if we had someone we needed to hire or some type of situation where we didn’t want to wait the extra two weeks, we have some flexibility to do that on the night of the workshop,” said said Corby. “If this happened, it would be announced and an agenda would be posted in advance, just like a regular meeting.”


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