Legal education reform should be inclusive – Ambassador of Germany


Daniel Krull, German Ambassador to Ghana

The German Ambassador to Ghana, HE Ambassador Daniel Krull, called for the reform of legal education to be inclusive.

HE Ambassador Daniel Krull made this appeal during an international conference organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Ghana, supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), on the theme “The future of ‘Legal Education in Ghana / Africa’, which was based on visions of legal education reform in Ghana and beyond.

“In Germany we have a touch of importance on the issue of excesses in legal training. So, unlike studying medicine or pharmacy, there is a basis on the grades reviewed by the school for attending law school. This is considered very important in our system, we believe that the legal education system should be open as much as possible to all parts of society, regardless of their social background, ”he said.

He also mentioned that gender should be taken into account in legal education reforms where more women can enter legal education fields.

“I met with the representatives of the African Women Leaders Network on Friday last week and they are establishing a gender-focused oversight which I think should be taken into account and I think it will deserve the University where the first female vice-president. -Chancellor is now a female leader will also be reflected in your thoughts, ”he added.

In addition, Ambassador Krull pledged the support of the German Embassy regarding legal education in the country.

“The German Embassy strongly supports any activity in the field of law and I know that there are some very interesting ideas circulating between the school and Germany, especially the African leadership framework in legal education. for digitization and this is a very exciting area of ​​cooperation and I hope I will have the chance to follow up on this “.

“We will continue our very intensive relationship, Ghana is the privileged partner of Germany in West Africa. I hope your discussions, your projects will also spread in your region and encourage and trigger other universities in s ‘engage in their own reform processes,’ he said.


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