California Reform Holds Town Hall Against CRT in Coronado



Reform California, a political group led by Carl DeMaio, held a town hall opposing critical race theory in Coronado on Monday, August 16. He was joined by CUSD Board member Stacy Keszei and Mayor Richard Bailey.

Dozens of people filled a room at the Coronado Community Center on Monday, August 16 for a town hall criticizing critical breed theory. It was organized by Reform California, a general-purpose political committee headed by radio show host Carl DeMaio. He says the Coronado Unified School District is incorporating critical race theory under the guise of the No Place for Hate anti-bullying initiative, a national education program created by the Anti-Defamation League.

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CUSD Superintendent Karl Mueller spoke to the Coronado Times recently, saying this was not true.

“We’re not teaching critical breed theory at CUSD,” Mueller said. “Everyone is confusing any focus on fairness or inclusiveness when it comes to race under CRT. We do not teach that a race is inherently good or bad. We do not shame white people for the past. What we do is teach our students to understand and embrace all human experiences with sensitivity. “

“Critical race theory is filled with divisive and dishonest propaganda that has no place in any classroom,” DeMaio said Monday.

Critical race theory is generally discussed in graduate schools, not at the K-12 level. It teaches that racism is systemic in the United States and is rooted in law and other modern institutions.

Despite this, many at Monday’s meeting still believe CRT is being taught in the district.

“While this is not overtly critical race theory taught in these classrooms, it is these political agendas that they bring into the classroom,” said Stacy Keszei, board member of administration of the CUSD.

As mayor, DeMaio said his organization would lobby to replace the school board if it does not replace the program. He was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd.

“The first thing is we need to organize ourselves and have a plan of action to require the school board to have an open process and try to build community consensus,” DeMaio said. “Failing that, if they can’t do it, I have to draw a conclusion, we don’t have good school board members and they have to go… the election is next year, there is always an option reminder, we know a thing or two about recalls, don’t we? “

During the town hall, some parents expressed their concerns, saying they did not know what is taught in class. Others have argued that teaching these subjects takes away a student’s childhood.

CUSD board member Keszei also suggested that participation in the No Place for Hate program removes core subjects.

“They want to fly to the moon. They want to be able to build this plane, ”Keszei said. “But if they don’t have math and if they don’t have science, English and reading skills, they won’t be able to do it.”

Superintendent Mueller also touched on this topic in our previous coverage, stating, “We are held to the State of California standards and our responsibility and goal is to provide our students with a solid foundation, across all disciplines, to succeed. during their transition from one level to another. , from school site to school site, and ultimately to be prepared as they pursue post-secondary options.

Mayor Richard Bailey also spoke at the meeting. He did not directly address the subject of the CRT, but instead urged the community to vote.

“My call to all of you is to continue to be a voice, no matter which side you are on,” Bailey said. “I also encourage you, through your votes on the school board, through your votes for state and county representation, to keep in mind how important local control really is.”

Although several public comments were made during the town hall, no one at the meeting spoke out in favor of CRT or any kind of ethnic studies.

Other San Diego County school districts are also facing rejection from parents who oppose the ethnic studies curriculum of the San Diego and Poway Unified School Districts.

A meeting of the CUSD board of directors was held on Thursday, August 19, at 4 p.m. in the district offices.



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