Biden’s masked fight against Covid – WSJ


Amid the chaos in Kabul, President Biden courageously stood up on Wednesday to fight with Republican governors over masks. Yes, he really did.

Several GOP governors, including Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas, have banned school districts from imposing masks. Mr DeSantis also threatened to suspend the salaries of local school board officials and superintendents who demand masks, although he admitted he did not have the authority.

The science supporting masks in schools is slim, although many parents are concerned about the threat of Covid to their children as pediatric hospitalizations have increased this summer as the Delta variant has spread. But many parents are also concerned about the potential damage masks have on the emotional development of their young children.

Polls show parents across the country are strongly in favor of school districts requiring masks for unvaccinated children. School districts and parents in Texas and Florida are challenging their governor’s orders. They are right that matters involving the safety and well-being of students are the responsibility of local school districts under state law, and in our opinion, governors should step back. The courts are likely to resolve the legal dispute soon in any case.

Which makes Mr. Biden’s intervention even more gratuitous. “Unfortunately, as we have seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures – i.e. children wearing masks in school – into political disputes for their own. political gain, “Biden said, adding that” the intimidation and threats that we are seeing across the country are bogus.


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